Country experience: Italy

6.82.        In Italy, construction data are compiled by the Bank of Italy, in the wider framework of BOP statistics. Construction-related information is collected through a quarterly non-financial transactions questionnaire (TTN), consisting of regular reports on services other than travel and transport, intangible assets, unilateral transfers and compensation of employees. Therefore, the construction item compilation is based on a general purpose sample, both for credits and debits (see chap. 14, paras. 14.118-14.124, for the data compilation of construction).

6.83.        Among the approximately 3,000 firms sampled with the TTN survey, about 450 are engaged mainly in construction activities, according to the reported s code. They cover about 23 per cent and 30 per cent, respectively, of the population total turnover (around €180 billion) and foreign turnover (€65 billion).[1]

6.84.        The TTN questionnaire begins with a general part. Construction specific information is reported in a subsequent dedicated section of the questionnaire, in which construction abroad and construction in Italy are distinguished. Despite the fact that the TTN survey is meant to address mainly non-financial items, the construction section aims also to contribute to the compilation of FDI, including the related flows of income.

6.85.        Firms are required to list the construction projects in which they are involved either as contractors or clients and the counterpart is a non-resident entity, and to provide detailed information for each project according to the guidelines of MSITS 2010.[2]

6.86.        In the system of Italy, the attribution of the status of “branch resident in the host country” is based on a simplification criterion: the entity carrying out the work is considered to be a resident branch of the host country if the project lasts one year or more. Consequently, depending on the estimated duration of the work, the construction activity is regarded either as an FDI-related operation, if the construction work extends over a period of at least one year, or as a service transaction in the opposite case.


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[1] The foreign turnover is estimated on the basis of a survey carried out by the Associazione Nazionale Costruttori Edili (ANCE) (National Builders Association), of Italy, in 2012 on 40 Italian construction enterprises (see ANCE, “Rapporto 2012 sulla presenza delle imprese di costruzione italiane nel mondo”, available from

[2] See MSITS 2010, para. 3.133.