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E.  Additional indicators for analysing the international supply of services

1.23.    MSITS 2010 also recommends the compilation of additional indicators to further analyse the international supply of services beyond the value of such transactions. Such indicators are needed in order to respond to the numerous information needs of trade negotiators and other users. Some of those indicators are directly related to the GATS negotiations, as they support the comparison of commitments and provide background information for the settling of disputes, or can be used more generally for an in-depth analysis of the international supply of services. The other indicators range from data on the number of persons/trips relevant to modes 2 and 4 to the use of data on services production, prices, employment and sectoral indicators (e.g., tourism, telecommunications, etc.). The additional sets of statistics do not require the development of new statistical frameworks, but refer rather to existing ones. Their compilation indicates in particular the potential offered by the linking of trade in services statistics and business registers. Data collection and compilation of those other indicators are described in chapters 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 13 and 16.

1.24.    Frameworks of particular interest are those related to the movements of individuals across borders, i.e., tourism and migration statistics, whether for supplying services (mode 4) or for consuming services (mode 2). Obtaining data on the characteristics of such movements and on the individuals involved is highly important for trade policymaking and monitoring, for the analysis of the global supply of services and for broader tourism and migration policy, in particular for mode 4. Data on the movements of natural persons should include detailed information on the characteristics and activities of such persons, as well as on the services they are rendering or consuming while abroad.


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