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7.74.            In 2011, 145,000 interviews, or about 1.1 per thousand of total Italians and foreigners crossing the borders of the country, and about 1,550,000 counts of persons travelling, were carried out. The sample is stratified by different variables for each type of border. The stratification variable "direction", with the two modalities "to Italy" and "to abroad" and the variable "type of carrier", with four modalities (road, rail, air and sea), are recorded exhaustively, i.e., respondents are Italian and foreigners crossing all types of borders.  The survey covers 82 border points (42 for roads, 5 for rail, 24 for airports and 11 for ports), i.e., the most important in terms of annual flows, although a limited number of small border points were selected to capture origin-destination routes that were otherwise poorly represented in the survey. The selection was based on data from the Italian statistics office (ISTAT) when the survey was begun, and was thereafter updated through the evidence of the border survey itself, which monitors some border points on a rotating basis. The border points were chosen on the basis of data from ISTAT and the National Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC). The choice of number of border points sampled was reduced over time to optimize costs. Specific procedures for conducting the counting operation and the interviews were established for each type of border.


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