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9.39.            Sometimes basic information, such as occupation, purpose and destination of visit, is compiled separately by different authorities, such as immigration, tourism or labour, each with its own statistical purposes and measurement scope, resulting in statistics that do not always match the requirements for measuring the number of mode 4 persons. As a result, it is difficult to extract useful information from the existing statistical systems. For instance, occupations may be classified by primary category (i.e., manager, technician or professional), and it may be impossible to further break those classifications down by industry details. One potential solution is for compilers to cooperate more closely with the relevant sectors and ask for additional useful information. Alternatively, statistical systems of the authorities, other than the compiling authority, could be redesigned to meet the data needs for compiling the number of mode 4 persons. Another solution is for compilers to establish a new and specific statistical system for the compilation of the number of mode 4 persons. Both solutions require close cooperation among the different agencies involved, such as immigration, labour and tourism. Redesigning the existing system requires more communication and understanding, and increases the daily workload for the agencies involved. Establishment of a new system may improve the coverage and accuracy of the data, but requires a large capital input and more coordination, and could raise the risk of leaking personal and business information.


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