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10.48.        Inbound tourism is determined on the basis of the log files of the roaming service of operators. The travellers (phone owners) who have arrived at a destination from abroad are divided into visitors from different countries of origin on the basis of the registration of the phones (resident country or nationality of the tourist). The duration of a visit is measured by each phone on the basis of the number of days at the destination that call activities were performed. Outbound tourism is determined on the basis of the roaming log files of the phones originating from the countries of origin. Visiting statistics by country are found on the basis of the temporal and spatial distribution of the call activities performed abroad; foreign visits are segmented according to the requirements of statistics, if necessary. A comparison of call activities obtained on the basis of passive mobile positioning data and data on accommodation nights in Estonia shows high correlation between those two data sources (see figure 10.1) .


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