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 11.14.    Other data sources, such as payment and bank card (credit and debit) transactions, could also be explored. Such sources are not perfect, as purchases with credit cards or withdrawals with debit cards could have purposes other than travel spending. Therefore, the use of further information relating to credit and debit card transactions should be explored, such as the merchant code and information concerning the point of sale, in order to identify the relevant travel transactions. Compilers should be aware that persons travelling do not always use a card for payment, but may use cash, or payments may be made by a third party. However, payment and bank card information might be very helpful for establishing trends and geographical breakdowns, and it offers a much larger sample than any survey on persons or households can likely provide. In the context of personal and household surveys, administrative records, including information from entry/departure cards, and mobile phone records, information is often combined in a model to derive travel information.


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