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(e)    Commodity description: stand-alone descriptors of the commodity codes at any level of aggregation;[111]

(f)    Commodity classification: name of the classification used to report the data (e.g., HS2007, SITC Rev. 4, national classification, etc.);


(h)   Country or region classification (e.g., alpha-2 or alpha-3 ISO country codes; United Nations standard country or area codes for statistical use,[212] etc.), including information on the country-composition of geographical regions;


(g)   Additional explanations and footnotes concerning the data, as required (e.g., explanatory notes on revisions, breaks in series, application of confidentiality rules, treatment of special categories of goods, etc.);

(h)   Quality reporting.

[111] The Harmonized System (HS) often does not provide stand-alone descriptors of individual commodity codes, as the titles of the HS headings and subheadings often do not describe their scope (inasmuch as they use, e.g., such titles as “others”), and/or refer to other headings and subheadings as well as to sections, chapters or headings notes. While not as precise as the legal text, standalone descriptors provide an easily accessible and concise indication of the scope of the HS codes.

[212] Available from