C.2.  Example of a trade in services time series key, coded according to the Balance of Payments-Data Structure Definition

18.27.            The times series key (A.N.US.FR.S1.S1.T.C.SC._Z._Z._Z.USD._T._X.N) provides an example of codification for a trade in services series. That times series key stands for a series in annual frequency, “A”, with no adjustment indicator, “N”. The reference country is the United States, “US”, the counterpart area is France, “FR”, the reference sector is the total economy, “S1” and the counterpart sector is the total economy, “S1”. The flows and stocks indicator dimension indicates a transaction, “T”, the accounting entry dimension indicates that this is a credit entry, “C”, the international accounts item specifies that the series relate to transport services, “SC”, the functional category is not applicable, “Z”, the instrument and assets classification is not applicable, “Z”, and the maturity is not applicable, “Z”. The unit of measure is the United States dollar, “USD”, and the currency of denomination is set to “all currencies of denomination” ,_T.  The valuation is unspecified, _X, and the compilation methodology is National, “N”. 

18.28.        As noted above, attributes are used to qualify observations further, that is, they provide information on the “confidentiality” status or the “compiling organization”. Attributes do not contribute to the identification of a time series, as that is already done by using the dimensions.


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