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Globalisation - Work in Sweden

1. Designing a new way of collecting data on merchanting and goods sent abroad for processing

14.187.        Statistics Sweden wants to ensure better consistency between national accounts and balance of payments in the treatment of merchanting and goods sent abroad for processing. The current treatment leads to discrepancies between the two accounts, with neither national accounts nor balance of payments compiling these transactions satisfactory.


b)        Provide a sample which would also allow the collection of data on non-cross border exports and imports of goods (i.e. goods crossing international borders which have Swedish ownership) and therefore enabling Statistics Sweden to adapt international merchandise trade data to the change in ownership principle.

2. Compiling relevant information on key globalisation variables

14.191.        Statistics Sweden wants to compile, in a single document, standardised information on globalisation related key variables, the objectives being:


  1. Which role the Swedish enterprise plays in the group
  2. Activity of the enterprise in Sweden
  3. Income
  4. Ownership of the material inputs
  5. Income from activities abroad
  6. Industry classification
  7. Ownership of intellectual property products (IPPs)
  8. R&D for own use (according to the R&D survey)
  9. Problems with production/intermediate consumption
  10. Problems with foreign trade

3. Case studies

Case study 1

14.193.        Enterprise A - Manufacturing industry