14.1.         Chapter 14 discusses the compilation of resident and non-resident trade in services statistics. It is important to stress that the chapter does not aim to be exhaustive, but rather to complement the existing guidance provided in the BPM6 Compilation Guide on specific aspects, and focuses on the needs outlined in MSITS2010. It is also strongly suggested that compilers consult the online version of that Compilation Guide for additional compilation guidance, including  on certain services items and complementary groupings, as well as the EBOPS-Central Product Classification (CPC) correspondence table, which may facilitate the classification of certain transactions under the EBOPS classification system.

14.2.        After the summary of good practices (section A), section B describes the compilation of the EBOPS 2010 service categories by bundling them into several groups that are often similar in the nature of their compilation and their use of underlying source data:  

(a) Goods-related services, including manufacturing services on physical inputs owned by others, maintenance and repair services and freight transport and insurance;

(b) Passenger transport and travel;

(c) Construction;

(d)  Insurance, pension and financial services;

(e) Services related to intellectual property products (IPP), telecommunications, computer and information services, other business  services, as well as personal, cultural and recreational services);

(f) Government goods and services n.i.e. 

14.3.        Note that in the case of transport, the treatment is split between freight transport and insurance (goods-related) and passenger transport (travel-related). For each of those subsections, the compilation of providing partner country detail is separately discussed. Such a breakdown is recommended in MSITS 2010, at least at the level of the 12 major components of the BPM6 classification of services, and, where possible, at the more detailed EBOPS 2010 level.[1] 

14.4.        Subsequently, section C discusses the compilation of statistics on the international supply of services by mode of supply insofar as it relates to resident/non-resident transactions. Section D elaborates the statistical treatment relevant to services transactions between related enterprises.

In this chapter:

[1] MSITS 2010, paras. 3.57-3.58.