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7.12.            Owing to the unique nature of tourism (as described later in this chapter), such sample surveys of households and of persons as border surveys are often used to collect information for travel imports (debits) and tourism expenditures. Thus, given the importance of tourism and travel, some parts of the present chapter will frequently refer to the surveys conducted for tourism statistics purposes. Compilers should therefore have knowledge of the basic tourism statistics concepts in order to make appropriate use of such surveys in the context of MSITS 2010. Basic concepts of tourism statistics are provided in box 14.2 of the present Guide. For more detailed information, also see IRTS 2008 and its accompanying compilation recommendations.[6]


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[1] Housing censuses may also be of interest. A housing census collects information pertaining to all living quarters and occupants thereof in a country or in a well-delimited part of a country.

[2] See 2008 SNA, para. 24.12. The 2008 SNA recognizes the importance of household surveys, but, at the same time, notes that the conventions adopted by survey statisticians and those of national accountants are not always the same. A household expenditure survey, for example, may not include estimates of the imputed rental of owner-occupied dwellings or own account production. It may measure income after tax, or expenditure on a cash basis, but not on an accrual basis. Compilers should be aware of such limitations when using those sources.

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