7.1.             Chapter 7 discusses the issues related to the use of population censuses and surveys of persons and households and their organization in the context of data collection for measuring the international supply of services. Section A provides an introduction and a summary of good practices. Section B promotes an integrated approach as well as cooperation between related statistical domains (e.g., balance of payments and tourism statistics) by describing such sources and their use in compiling statistics on the international supply of services. Section C covers population censuses. Section D covers household surveys, including constructing the target population and sampling frame, conducting a household survey and measuring travellers’ expenditure using a household survey, as well as seasonality issues and reference period. Section E describes labour force surveys, particularly the development of a labour force survey module for mode 4. Section F deals with border surveys and provides details on organizing surveys at different border points, including airports, road borders, railways and cruise ships. Section G provides an overview of complementary surveys of persons travelling.