D.3.  Household surveys and mode 2 and mode 4 number of persons/trips

7.29.            Data on the characteristics of mode 2 and mode 4 trips (i.e. contractual service supply), or the persons who are themselves travelling, could naturally be collected at the same time as the expenditure/receipt data described above. The following types of information could be collected through household surveys: 

(a) Mode 2 for outbound travel, i.e. those travelling for personal purposes and those for mode 4 or other work purposes; 

(b) Mode 4 for outbound travel, i.e. contractual service supply, intracorporate movements and services selling/establishing a commercial presence; 

(c) Mode 4 for inbound travel, i.e., the import of services by households through mode 4 contractual service supply/inbound, or inbound intracorporate transferees if those become/are residents of the compiling economy. For the latter, the issue of identification of the relevant population is particularly difficult. 

7.30.            Some compilers may use household surveys to collect specific information on outbound business travel. As indicated above, if such a survey is conducted as a telephone sample, compilers should be aware that frequent business travellers are difficult to reach, and they should therefore consider also using a specific sample of mobile phone numbers or developing a web-based survey. In general, when using a household survey, the compiler would focus on a specifically targeted set of the population, i.e., those travelling for business reasons, which may serve multiple needs, such as for national accounts, BOP or trade in services statistics. As it is a targeted survey, some specifically tailored questions could be included to help the compiler gather information that may be of interest for mode 4, in particular. Of course, as for other data collection described in this chapter, the level of detail one can expect from such a data source is relatively limited. However, by targeting some questions, it is possible to obtain more details on categories of specific interest to the compiling economy. Considering confidentiality issues and the sample size, mode 4 data could be presented in or aggregated to broad economic or geographical categories.


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