Country experience: Austria and below-threshold establishments 

7.82.            Austrian accommodation statistics provide information about the number of arrivals and nights spent in rented accommodation establishments in Austria. The data is based on a cut-off sample. About 1,600 municipalities (two thirds of the total number of municipalities) are selected according to the number of nights spent (at present the threshold is 1,000 nights spent per year) and report the data to Statistics Austria. The data include all rented accommodation establishments; no threshold concerning the number of beds per establishment is applied. The results of the accommodation statistics show the importance of rented private accommodation in Austria. On the basis of regulation 692/2011, Austria reported to Eurostat 77.16 million nights spent by non-residents in 2012. However, that figure represents only 81 per cent of the total number of nights registered in rented accommodation establishments because an additional 17.89 million nights were registered by non-residents in rented private accommodation establishments. Therefore, in 2012, 19 per cent of the nights registered by non-residents in rented accommodation establishments in Austria were spent in rented private accommodation establishments, which are out of the scope of regulation 692/2011.


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